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Technical stuff

Digital sensors are considered "high demand" USB devices. This means that when you expose your digital sensor, in that moment, it will attempt to draw the MAX voltage (5v) and MAX amperage (500mA) that the USB port will allow. The sensor actually requires this in order to operate normally. 

Over time, continuously re-connecting your sensor begins to wear down the conductive top coat layer resulting in added resistance on the sensors USB connection. Once the resistance becomes too high, it will affect the voltage and amperage draw of the sensor - leading to all sorts of intermittent issues (random disconnections, error messages, blank images, lines in the images, etc).

Long extension cables can also add more resistance in your connection - further exacerbating the issue. In our tests, 7ft was the optimal length with minimal impact on resistance. 

The solution

Introducing USB Sensor Saver! The world's first and only cable designed specifically for digital dentistry.

Not only is our unique magnetic connector more user-friendly than USB - but its also rated at a minimum of 10,000 re-connections! You will likely never have to unplug your sensors again - preserving its most fragile component.

USB Sensor Saver can easily double the lifespan of your sensors, intra-oral camera's, and other USB devices. While it was designed to defend your digital xray sensors, it is also a universal cable that works with ALL USB devices.

Easier than USB

Fits ALL USB devices