Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect the cables?
We recommend that you bypass all other extensions and hubs and plug directly into the USB ports on the BACK of your PC tower, not the front.


USB device not recognized?
If you get this error, the most likely cause is lack of power from the USB port on the PC. To resolve this, you can try to place a POWERED USB hub in between the PC and our magnetic cables. Alternatively, you can use our Active Adapter cables - they were designed to overcome this specific issue.


Gendex: Hardware error upon disconnecting sensors.
This error was originally designed to notify the user if your sensor had accidentally disconnected while you're trying to take an xray. Unfortunately, if you're using our active adapters then it also appears when you disconnect the sensor. This is actually a false positive and not an indication that there is something wrong. To remove this notification, you can simply run our script on any PC that's affected by this issue. 


Sensor not working reliably?
If you're having ongoing issues, try changing the USB port. If you're using USB 2.0 ports (black), then try plugging into USB 3.0 ports (blue) - or vise versa. If none of this helps, then place a USB hub in between the cable and the PC - or upgrade to our Active Adapter cable.